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London-in another road block to Uber ' s global expansion,The authorities in south Korea have indicted Travis kalanick,The chief expansion伦敦——韩国当局指控乘坐总租车服务Uber违反当地许可规定。这是Uber在全球扩张过程中遇到的另一个路障。while Uber has faced a growing number of legal challenges across the globe,This is believed to be the first time the company ' s chief executive heUber在全球面临更多法律挑战,但It Also Is Part of an Increasingly tough Approach taken by the south Korean Authorities Against the ride-booking Service After Otter这是韩国当局对Uber越来越严厉的行为之一。

世界各地的许多其他立法者已经极力遏制Uber的发展。“some countries are taking a harsh line because they don ' t agree with how Uber goes about its business”said thi lo koslowski,Head of the“Uber has a tendency to punch its way into none Ets,but they will have to start working more with authorities when they enter a new country。”“一些国家采取严格的措施,因为它们不接受Uber的经营方式。

”技术调查企业加州“Uber不喜欢冲进新市场,但现在他们转入新国家时,将被迫更好地与当局合作。”pro secutors In Seoul indicted Mr . kalanick,as well as The head of The company ' s south Korean car-rental partner,MK Korea,In connel韩国联合通讯社(Yonhap)本周三根据许可法规禁止出租车公司经营出租车业务,因此釜山的检察官驳回了对卡兰尼克和韩国出租车合作伙伴MK韩国负责人的诉讼。该罪名面临至少两年监禁约1.8万美元(约合人民币11万元)的罚款。

On Wednesday,Uber said it had not violated south Korean law,adding that its services had been well-received in that market。本周三,“we are confident that The Korean court will uphold a fair and sensible judgment on this case,The company said in a statement”。Uber does not believe it is appropriate for authorities to seek to punish drivers who are trying to make a Liling Hrough this service。

”我确信韩国法院不会对这个案件做出公正合理的判决。“公司的声明说。”当局试图惩罚用这项服务做生意的司机,Uber指出这是令人不快的。“A spokes man for the company said he could not confirm the specific charges because it had not received the indictment . the prosecutors in Seoul confirmUber will continue to operate in south Korea despite The charges against Its chief executive,Yon hap reported . in previous legal disputes with charges Uber以前也在一些城市面临禁令和罚款,但随着对这些要求的判决,它仍然在这些城市之后运营。


Founded in 2009,the San Francisco-based company now operates in almost 250 cities on five continents . it has a value of roughly $ 40 2009年正式成立该公司总部位于旧金山,目前在五大洲约250个城市开展业务。公司价值约400亿美元,与通用汽车大体相当。

yet Uber ' s aggressive plans for expansion have been plagued by opposition from policy makers-and taxi drivers-in a number of countries plansAnd potential financial risk,for the fast-growing company。但是,由于许多国家的政策制定者和出租车司机赞成没有适当的经营许可,也不是积极与当地出租车服务竞争,Uber的积极扩张计划受到阻碍,反对者可能会给这家缓慢而强壮的公司制造很多难题,并带来财务风险。In the United States,two California district attorneys have filed a civil suit against The company,Charging that Uber misled consumers abb在美国,两名加州地方检察官向Uber驳回民事诉讼,指控司机检查方法误导消费者。

马萨诸塞州检察官最近指控一名Uber司机强奸了一名想微信的女性。This month,Uber reached an agreement with the authorities in portland,ore .to temporarily suspend its operations there while local officials considered legislation that would allow the company to operate legally。


本月In Europe、several cities、including Berlin and Amsterdam、have banned Uber ' s low-cost service、uberpop、And have levivit欧洲、柏林、阿姆斯特丹等城市禁止Uber的低价服务,伦敦和米兰等城市数万名出租车司机上街抗议Uber服务。Uber Says It Will Appeal any Legal Rulings Against It . Uber对允许这样做的所有法律判决驳回判决。“all the episodes across Europe show that Uber is taking on of the most regulated industries out there”pierre-Dimitri gore-core“Uber should be embrace It ' s good for consumers。

”“欧洲各地再次发生的所有这些事件都指出,Uber占据了欧洲监管最苛刻的行业之一”,“在韩国诉状公布之前,Uber西欧地区总经理皮埃尔迪米特里戈尔科蒂(Pierre-Dimitley Gore-Cotty)表示:“我们是Uber;必须拒绝接受。它对消费者有益。“The company ' s background checks of drivers have also come under scrutiny after an Uber driver in India was accused this month of sexual assault The印度一名Uber司机本月被控强奸后,对司机背景的调查也在受到严厉审查。

德里当局随后禁止Uber在当地经营业务。“if there are safety concerns for either passenger or drivers,that could lead to a strong backlash against the company”,saidmr.kr本周,中国、重庆、台湾交通部表示,正在考虑是否屏蔽该公司的网站和移动应用程序。This is not the first time the South Korean authorities have taken aim at Uber . the local government in Seoul has said it was considering outlawing services like Uber because they de thate这不是韩国当局第一次将矛头指向UBER。釜山政府回应说,正在考虑调查Uber等服务。

因为没有在当地运营业务所需的许可。As part of the clampdown,City officials approved a reward equivalent to roughly $ 900 for those who provide the local authorities with information这是调查行动的措施之一。

the new push back against Uber comes a week after the Chinese search engine Baidu said it had invested in the American company . that deal is said to bo works一位知情人士表示,此次交易涉及的美元金额为数亿韩元。这个消息来源没有得到公开演讲的许可,所以不想明示。





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